Dear BAU Almni

We are pleased to announce and invite you to attend the BAU Alumni Association of USA Inc Annual Picnic and General Meeting 2013, which has been scheduled for Sunday, the June 30, 2013 at the beautiful Heckscher State Park (field#2, Taylor Pavilion), Long Island, about 50 miles away from New York City. The Picnic programs have been chalked out with fun, food, drink, sports, raffle-draw and cultural events for participating men, women and children. Breakfast will be served at 10 AM upon arrival onsite. To help better manage the overall Picnic programs, we are earnestly requesting you all to let us know the number of persons that will be joining with you and/or the need for transportation to attend the picnic and General Meeting by calling any of the Executive Committee members by June 22, 2013

The contribution rates (Including Bus) towards the picnic are as follows:
1. Single -$30.00
2. Couple only -$50.00, and
3. Family -$70.00
Contribution rates are the same for any accompanying guest(s) with you (if any).

Bus Schedule:
1. 8:00 AM departure from Bronx(1440 East Ave & near Movie Theater Hall)
2. 8:30 AM departure from Jamaica(168 Place & Hillside Ave near Sagar
3. 8:00 AM pickup from McDonald Ave and Church Ave near Astoria Federal
Bank in Brooklyn.
4. 8:30 AM pickup from 74th Street and Broadway near Astoria Federal
Bank in Jackson Heights.

Agenda of General Meeting:
1. BAU Alumni Association financial report 2012-2013.
2. BAU Alumni Annual report for Session 2012-2013 .
3. Open discussion and formation of new committee.
We look forward to your whole-hearted support and participation in the BAU Alumni   Association of USA Inc Annual picnic and General Meeting 2013 to make it a memorable event.
See you all there at Heckscher State Park on June 30,2013.

Kazi  G.Mostafa                                                                Ashraf Ullah Bhuiyan
President                                                                           General Secretary
Ph:917-460-5996                                                             Ph:646-546-3485
BAU Alumni Association of USA Inc                            BAU Alumni Association of USA Inc
Shawkat Anwar                                                                 Md Forhad Khan
Convener                                                                            Member Secretary                                                          
Picnic 2013                                                                         Picnic 2013 
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